Store Management at Jones Ace Hardware 

Retail store management is a challenging but rewarding career choice, and at Jones Hardware, it is a job that is different each day. For people who like to help others and are looking for a fast-paced and challenging work environment, managing a Jones Hardware store could be for you.

The ideal Jones Ace Hardware manager:

  • Takes initiative

  • Is flexible and responsive to feedback

  • Has a high degree of honesty and integrity

  • Is a critical thinker and quick learner

  • Has exceptional customer service skills

  • Is a team player

Our managers say:

  • "I chose to work at Jones Hardware because the company is extremely family-oriented, and as the mother of two small children, this is important to me."

  • "I love customer contact and it is very satisfying that my priority going to work every day is taking care of customers."

  • "We gain new customers by always keeping them in mind. This means that we provide exceptional service, and customers feel like we genuinely care about their needs."

  • "My colleagues are always there for me if I need something, and its not like that in some big companies."

  • "It's not an office job. I am up and moving and interacting all day."

Do you have what it takes to be a Jones Hardware manager, assistant manager or key holder?