Charles E. Jones In 1915 Charles E. Jones established Jones Hardware Company in Shamokin. Having worked as a sales manager for Hack & Sanner Hardware, he was encouraged by friends in the business to start his own hardware store in Shamokin. With his brother (William), he rented a portion of the Knights of Columbus building. This gave them additional sales area and storage on the upper floors. Charles E. Jones eventually had seven sons and one daughter, and these children all helped their father in the business as they grew up. Charles operated Jones Hardware Company for twenty-one years with the assistance of his brother (William) and children. The business catered to contractors, miners, and other retail businesses. Mr. Jones had the reputation of running a full-line hardware store and had established fair-pricing methods. Having weathered the great depression of the late 20’s and early 30’s, Mr. Jones kept the business together through loyal customers and good work force. Charles E. Jones passed away in 1936, leaving the business to his eight children and his brother William.

In 1937, the company was reorganized and incorporated. At this time, William sold his interest to the children  of Charles, and they became the sole owners and stockholders of Jones Hardware Company. Robert B. Jones eventually assumed presidency of the corporation. While remaining in the retail hardware business, the company grew into a large wholesale hardware distributor with sales encompassing several surrounding counties. Also at this time, a department selling major appliances was added to the store. The active members of the of the Jones family who were involved in the business were: Robert B. Jones, President; Charles E. Jones, Jr., Vice President; Francis B. Jones, Secretary-Treasurer and Manager of the Appliance Department, and William B. Jones, Director and Department Manager. Other members of the family, while remaining stockholders, left the business to pursue careers of their own. The corporation grew strongly during the war years and those proceeding it. During this period, Robert had two sons, Robert  Jr. and Patrick. As they grew up, both became active in the business when they became older.

In 1964, after the untimely death of Francis B. Jones, his son Thomas assumed duties as head of the Appliance Department and Secretary-Treasurer of the corporation. The corporation continued to grow during the period with employment rising to about 40 people with three outside salesman to handle the wholesale trade. Also during this period of time, the corporation acquired additional properties surrounding the main building. They were utilized for warehousing and storage areas for increasing inventory. In 1968, Robert B. Jones passed away following his two brothers Charles and Francis. The corporation had gone into the hands of the third generation of the Jones family. Thomas being elected President, Patrick, Vice President, and Robert F. as Secretary-Treasurer. Other members of the second generation of the family still remained in the business as stockholders and directors. The three youngest members of the Jones family came in control after acquiring a good working knowledge of the business, and all graduated college with various business degrees. The corporation again continued to show strong growth during this period with sales doubling through the period  of the sixties.

In 1972, after the untimely death of Patrick Jones, Robert F. Jones assumed the office of Vice President along with that of Secretary. Realizing that the wholesale hardware business was being taken over by the large dealer-owned cooperatives, the management shifted their attention to the retail side of the business. In this period, while watching the influx of mass merchants and new shopping malls spring up around itself, the management of Jones Hardware felt the need to expand the retail business by moving into the outskirts of town. Seeing the exciting growth of the do-it-yourself market during this period, the decision was made to open the Shamokin areas first full-featured Home Center.

In 1978, Jones Hardware Company purchased the old Acme market building on Route 61 South of Shamokin. The building was fully renovated and new lines of kitchens, building materials, lumber and floor coverings, were added. The Company continues to operate the 20,000 square foot Home Center along with its retail store in downtown Shamokin. In 1980, Robert F. Jones was elected President of the corporation. Present management and employees of Jones Hardware Company have and will continue to follow the policy of its founder, to serve their customers by offering good quality merchandise at a fair price. Jones Hardware was looking to become more diverse in the products they sold and looked into selling building materials.

In October,1990, Jones Hardware built a three bay lumber shed and a  roofing materials structure.  Being able to store concrete, 2x4's, plywood, insulation, shingles, and more under roof was the key to their success.  Contractors started flooding the store and business in the building materials industry flourished.  Soon a fleet of delivery trucks were added to accommodate the need for deliveries. The business started hosting live demos for how to projects and business with DIYer's sky rocketed, right along side the business to contractors. As a more diverse group of customers frequented the store, more and more people showed an interest in buying carpet and vinyl. So a new pole barn like structures was erected to make room for rolls of flooring goods.

During the early 1990's, Jones Hardware started selling and installing flooring.  The flooring department was located in the deli section of the old Acme building along Rt. 61. This seemed to be a win win for the company.  Selling everything besides milk and bread, flooring sales helped round out the full line of products the company was selling.  Having as many as four installers, Jones Hardware held a large market share in the community of selling and installing flooring goods.  Carpet, vinyl, and hardwood floors were the company's main staple.

In 1996, Robert F. Jones was elected County Commissioner of Northumberland. He believed that his views on being a strong fiscal conservative, he could help benefit the County and the citizens he served. During his time as Commissioner, he was proud to help resolve the congestion that took place at the old Cameron Bridge.  He helped petition state officials to resolve the traffic issues and build a new bridge.  The bridge was built and he was proud to have a hand in the improved access to Shamokin, which he knew would benefit all local businesses. Being a Commissioner he observed how hard the people of our area work.  Those hard working employees he had in the hardware business were going to help Jones Hardware win the ultimate award at the time for an Ace Hardware dealer.

In the fall of 1997, Jones ACE Home Center won the ACE Hardware's President’s Cup. The most prestigious award given by ACE Hardware to its dealers. In October of 1997, at the Los Angeles ACE show, Jones Home Center's RT 61 location was voted best Home Center. Robert F Jones, owner and president, went to the show knowing his store was 1 of 6 stores from 6,082 ACE stores worldwide to win the ACE National Six Star Award for excellent customer service and high retailing standards. Out of the six stores that qualify, 3 are Home Centers and 3 are Hardware Stores. So Robert F. Jones knew his store was at least the 3rd best Home Center in the USA. At the end of the ACE Hardware show in October 1997, Jones Home Center was voted the best of the best. The award was presented to Robert and his wife Linda Jones (Kaskie) during the show by John Madden himself.  Robert F. Jones said, “It was all the staff members at both stores that made this  possible. Everyone came together  and everyone deserves to share this award. It shows how hard our employees work in Northumberland County! We have been striving to get to this level for a long time, and now we finally reached the level we are capable of operating at." After traveling home from winning the Presidents Cup, Robert and all the employees were firing on all cylinders. As he was working hard at the two hardware stores, he was able to meet new people from his term as a County Commissioner, which helped him take the Hardware Company to new heights.  The business continued to grow and was on the verge of expanding towards its third location.

In 1999, Jones Hardware acquired its 3rd location in Herndon, PA. Robert's son, Robert B. Jones, became manager of the Herndon location upon graduating from college with a business degree.  Jones Hardware acquired the hardware store formally known as Meckley's Farm Supply.  This store continued to grow and expand selling hardware and lumber, but the addition of joining the Agway Cooperative made this store thrive in the rural community of where it is located. Robert F Jones realized that by adding a 3rd store Jones Hardware would have unprecedented buying power.  Being able to buy bulk quantities and split merchandise to all three stores would help the company buy right to sell right. The next few years were very productive for Jones Hardware.

Then SeBob Jones hard at work at his deskpt 11th, 2001 sent the local community into a severe depression.  But thankfully the hard work that previous generations put into the business built a strong foundation for the company, which is why Jones Hardware continued on during these times of uncertainty for the community. As father, wife and son worked together side by side in the business during these trying times, the economy finally started to improve and Jones Hardware continued serving the community at a productive and profitable pace.

March 2014, Robert F Jones continued working up until the day he passed away. On March 12, 2014 the untimely passing of Robert F. Jones was just one month before his 74th birthday, Robert passed away at the age of 73 leaving behind a legacy of hardware stores and community service. Robert made sure Jones Hardware was built on a strong foundation of ethics and hard work. Jones Hardware will continue on and remain in the family. Amazingly less than 1/2 of 1% of businesses make it to the 4th generation. Jones Hardware Co. will be celebrating its 100th birthday in the year 2015 and there are no such words that can describe the sweat and tears the Jones family (men and women) and employees over the years put into the hardware business.

In May of 2015, Jones Hardware Company 4 generations old, will celebrate its 100th birthday.  Thanks to Charles, his family, customers, and employees that made this business very successful!!

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Find out why the picture on the left of the EDISON bulb, designed by Thomas Edison, has strong ties with Jones Hardware and the Jones Hardware building at115 east Independence St. Shamokin, PA 17872.  He used this building in the 1882 as a workshop to help develop electric bulbs. Most notably, Thomas Edison, briefly a resident of Sunbury, established the Edison Illuminating Company of Shamokin in the fall of 1882. Operation of the Shamokin station located at the current Independence Street site of Jones Hardware Company on September 22, 1883, at which time St. Edward's Catholic Church became the first church in the world to have electric lighting and Sunbury had first street lights of anywhere in the world.